Cutie Sex Dolls Are Extremely Cute​

Cutie Sex Dolls Are Extremely Cute​

Here we want to share an article written by a blogger Jenny. She reached us earlier for a quick interview. Below is some of her thoughts about a doll and the life style in the pandemic.

Right now it’s very difficult for men to meet new women for sexual encounters because everyone is still very hesitant of having sex with others because they don’t want to contract the cornavirus.

I feel as if it’s my job as a “sex” blogger to help everyone out there who finds themselves sexually frustrated during this current social distancing pandemic quarantine to seek out alternatives that’ll satisfy their sexual appetites.

Jenny Suggests That All Men Get Themselves a Sex Doll

If I were a man right now who hasn’t been able to have sex with a real woman because of COVID-19 I’d 100% get myself a sex doll; and to be even more honest with all of you, I’d get a sex doll if I was a man even if there wasn’t a global pandemic effecting the world because of how sexy and realistic they are.

What Exactly Is A Sex Doll?

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock for the past 10 years, let me explain what a sex doll is:

Sex dolls are super advanced sex toys for men that are created to resemble a real life woman. Sex dolls not only look like real women, but their designed to replicate all aspects of real sex for men. All sex dolls have mouths, vaginas, and butt holes designed to allow men to have simulated intercourse with; men can use sex dolls for everything from blow jobs, to anal sex, which is everything a real woman can do, except sex dolls won’t complain about it.

Jenny Are All Sex Dolls The Same?

Just like real women, sex dolls come in all shapes, colors, and of course, sizes! Most people who have researched sex dolls are familiar with these types of love dolls:

BBW Sex Dolls, Big Booty Sex Dolls, Big Boobs Sex Dolls, Small Tits Sex Dolls, Muscular Sex Dolls, Skinny Sex Dolls, Young Sex Dolls, Milf Sex Dolls, Cute Sex Dolls, Asian Sex Dolls, Japanese Real Dolls, Korean Sex Dolls, Anime Sex Dolls, Celebrity Sex Dolls, Black Sex Dolls, Blonde Sex Dolls, Redhead Sex Dolls.

So most people, especially men, are familiar with the above mentioned list of sex dolls, but there is a type of sex doll that I’m certain most people aren’t aware of that I want to introduce to all of you today.

Please Meet The AINI Cutie Sex Dolls From AINIDOLL!

AINI Cutie sex dolls might be small, but they’re mighty, fierce, and will make any man achieve amazing orgasms each and every time they find themselves alone with one!

The AINI cutie sex doll is not only one of the most life-like classic sex doll on the market but also comes with extra features such as more affordable and light-weighted. Similar to our other full-size dolls, all AINI cutie dolls are built with premium TPE materials. The moaning and body heating functions are also available.

Are AINI Cutie Dolls Too Small For the Doggy Style Position?

No matter what position you like your women to be in while you pound away on them during sex don’t worry because the AINI Cutie Sex Dolls from AINIDOLL will hold that position just for as long as you need her to..and she will LOVE it!

If you LOVE pounding away on women in the doggy style position then the AINI cutie dolls will be your new best friend because AINI cutie dolls hold unlimited positions with a skin that feels more real than almost any doll on the market today because of the advanced M-TPE material and built-in simulation steel skeleton that they are made from!

Build the Cutie Sex Smart Doll of Your Dreams!

Not only does AINIDOLL allow their customers to choose the face and body-type of their cutie sex dolls, but they offer a wide selection of built-in add-ons that make it possible for you to design the sex doll of your dreams!

Do you want her to feel unique to you? No problem. AINIDOLL understands that everyone is different, and your personalized touch may make all the difference! From skin tone to toenail color to eye and hair color: they offer a wide selection of free customization options.

Please visit AINIDOLL’s full customization services page to see all of the add-on options available!

Do You Like Your Sex Partners Having a Body Temperature of 98.6°F?

No one enjoys having sex with someone that’s colder than a bucket filled with ice, so if you want your AINI cutie doll to have a body temperature of 98.6°F then you have the option of having her built with a body heating system that’ll make sure she’s as warm as any real woman you’ve had sex with.

AINI Cutie Smart Dolls Let You Know What They like!

If you want your AINI Cutie Smart Doll letting you know that she’s enjoying what you’re giving her, then you have the option of having her built with full-body touch sensors that react to the levels of touch or even penetration.

Are AINI Cutie Dolls Too Small For Booty Banging?

If you want to have anal sex with an AINI Cutie Doll then she’ll want you to pound her in the butthole for as long as you can give it to her because all AINI Cutie Dolls are designed for vaginal, anal, and oral sex!


AINIDOLL is a fast-growing and R&D-based company that specializes in robotic dolls and adult accessories business. Founded in 2018, they have a small but amazing group of employees located in Boston, Massachusetts.

AINIDOLL’s US team currently covers AI doll research, development, and sales. Meanwhile, they also have a large R&D and Go to Market team in China, where they work closely with the top tier doll manufacturers in the world on product design and manufacturing.

Committed to technological empowerment for sexuality and pleasure, AINIDOLL now makes technological innovation and design accessible to doll lovers around the world.

Click here to learn more about AINIDOLL!

Jenny’s Top AINI Cutie Sex Dolls!

Okay it’s now the moment I know everyone has been waiting for! Here are my TOP 3 favorite Cutie Sex Dolls that I’d own if I were a man…

Meet AINI Cutie Sex Doll Tiffany

Tiffany owns the guys in the bedroom, she owns everything and anything. She’s the type of girl that doesn’t hold back from words, to exploding. She sleeps with everyone and has the biggest reputation for being a whore, but that doesn’t stop her. She will let you hit every hole and have no regret about it, but then will ignore you like it never happened. She will be your slave, everything you need and more.

Click here to learn more about Tiffany!

Meet AINI Cutie Sex Doll Chieko

Chieko is much different, a much different person from her closest friends when it comes to doing stuff sexually. She has a fetish. Chieko loves being in control. She will suck you until she knows you’re about to finish then stop and beg you to bang her until she can’t walk straight for weeks. Chieko may be a nurse, but she won’t stop caring for you until you’re fully satisfied.

Click here to learn more about Chieko!

Meet AINI Cutie Sex Doll Violet

Violet is shy, but when alone so could be the freakiest person, taking care of all your sexual desires and dreams on the down low. She will ask “what do you need next” while trying to please every single one of your needs. She is always open to try new things, don’t hold back with her, you’ll regret it if you don’t.

Click here to learn more about Violet!


I highly recommend that all men reading this visit AINIDOLL today and buy yourself one of their extremely sexy Cutie Sex Dolls!

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