Sex doll isn’t all about sex

Sex doll isn’t all about sex

The current craze over sex dolls is nothing new. Many people are curious as to what their users see in it. I mean, why not recruit a willing human? Jerry Gusto, a sculptor, felt the same before he started working as a doll maker working for us.

It’s not just about the sex of sex dolls. One of the most touching tales includes a man who purchased a doll for sex only to find that he cared for it, even brushing her hair out of her face as he walked by. He quickly made an online group of friends, who he describes as “simple people seeking connection” who visit internet forums to discuss their dolls and share images. Others come in search of a doll to console them after the death of a partner. We have sold thousands of dolls since 2018. We also listened a lot of stories of our customers. Here AINIDOLL wants to share some of them. sex is a nature of human being, but a sex doll is not always about sex.

These customers may not be able to date again, but they also don’t want to be alone at home, so they order a doll to serve as a “bridge” before their trust returns. Couples and singletons alike purchase dolls, a trend Jerry attributes to desire. He claims that the human is a sexual being with a voracious appetite. “The pair find the dolls to be a secure way to add another partner because of lack of feelings. It’s a non-deceptive type of sexual experimentation.” When one partner cannot enjoy sex for health purposes, but the couple does not want outside partners, dolls are often introduced as sexual surrogates.

It’s easy to assume that only idealized and flawless sex dolls are desired, but Jerry dispels this myth, insisting that not everyone desires a super-toned, 18-year-old figure. Since one of our clients was in his sixties and didn’t want a 20-something doll, it was given one of our faces crow’s feet, wrinkles, and deeper smile lines. ‘That looks more like a woman, like someone I might relate to,’ he said. People want bigger butts, freckles, and even bunny teeth, so we get requests for all sorts of things.”

There are a variety of smart doll categories. The top of the line and high-end sex doll is an AI product which is powered by artificial intelligence technology. Cutie is on the lower end. There are also some ready-to-ship ones shipped from our US warehouses. All of our dolls are made of premium TPE materials which can last longer.

Other reasons why people may want sex dolls (love dolls)
Some writers predict that sex dolls and sex robots would positively affect individuals and couples, such as social companionship, sexual experimentation, enjoyment, and increased satisfaction. Others, concentrating on male consumers, expect major negative outcomes in terms of female objectification and abuse. They believe that men who use woman-like sex dolls or sex robots will be taught to objectify real women and ignore sexual consent. Furthermore, they expect that women and teenage girls would feel much more inferior when exposed to a mass culture selling beautiful, eternally young, and totally submissive female-gendered sex dolls and sex robots, who have already been harmed by ubiquitous exposure to unrealistic beauty standards in the media. Are we on the verge of a future that is much more sexually unequal?

Clinicians have differing opinions as well. Some therapists describe how living with a love doll (as doll owners like to call them) can be a helpful and transitional healing process after traumatic events, particularly when followed by competent treatment, based on first case studies. Other clinical authors caution their colleagues that the sex robot industry’s goods are advertised with questionable health statements. Perhaps more contentious are controversies about childlike sex dolls made in Asia and shipped all over the world. Some ethicists and therapists claim that people with pedophilic preferences may use dolls or robots as replacements to keep them from exploiting children and that therapeutic use may help.

Recently, we also received an email from one of our customer Emmie. Here we want to share her honest story about our dolls. She is a lovely lady and she didn’t purchase a sex doll for any sexual purposes.

Email from Emmie:

These dolls are perfect in every way.  They have become a blessing through my grief and helped heal me when I lost my children.  I can hold them, clothe them, talk to them, and care for them as if they were my very own.  With their built in heating capabilities, it’s as if I am holding a real child close again.I have always collected dolls and had made many outfits for my collection, but AI AINI dolls are unique and special. Each one I received has a gentle face with a delicate smile.  Their make up is very classy and their eyes sparkle with life like spirit.My small little girl I can carry everywhere and even put in a baby stroller or choose adorable baby sized clothing for.  The frilly dresses and overalls are my favorites with adorable hats.My larger girl fits into clothing to fit a kindergarten to 1st grade sized child.  Also, her eyes have such great detail that it really feels like I am looking at a real child.These dolls aren’t ever going to be utilized in the usual way for me.  I adore them and have actually found new hope and a reason to live again by having these beautiful young ladies in my life.I definitely suggest the smaller 2’2″ dolls for anyone wanting to have a beautiful and unique doll to upgrade their collection or to have an emotional support doll to help counsel someone suffering from grief or loneliness.I hope AINI will help others the way they have helped me.

Thank you, AINI.



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