How to replace eyelashes for a TPE doll?

How to replace eyelashes for a TPE doll?

Our TPE sex dolls come with eyelashes installed already. However, sometimes the eyelashes could come off. Also, you may want to change the taste of her eyes. In this article, we will show you a quick tutorial and show you how to replace them by yourself.

Actually, it’s a fairly simple DIY task. You can buy replaceable eyelashes from either your local dollar stores or Amazon.

STEP1: put TPE glue evenly on the eyelashes

STEP2: simply put them on and let them dry for one minute.

DONE! Fair enough?

p.s. we don’t usually ship TPE glue with our dolls since most international shipping doesn’t allow liquid. However, you can simply buy a TPE glue at eBay or something similar from here.

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