Sandra – Cutie Doll 3′ 11 (120cm) Cup B

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Our AINI Cutie Smart Dolls include:

  • She is small but fierce and mighty: She is cute, affordable, and light-weight, yet has all the main features of a full-sized doll. If you want something easy to handle or even travel with, she is a very desirable choice.
  • Advanced M-TPE material and built-in simulation steel skeleton: She holds unlimited positions, with easy-to-clean M-TPE materials and a steel skeleton. Her soft skin feels more real than almost any doll on the market today. Learn More
  • Built-in body heating and full-body touch sensors (optional): Optionally, she may have optional 98.6°F body heating and full-body touch sensors. Her full-body sensors will react your touch...and your penetration. Learn More
  • She awaits your touch, and particularly enjoys being positioned for Vaginal, Anal, and Oral sex.
  • For her full measurements, please scroll down or refer to our AINI Cutie Smart Doll Body Type Selection Guide for comparisons.

3' 11" / 120cm Super Model

NET WEIGHT 33.1 lbs / 15 kg
BUST 22 in / 56 cm
WAIST 20.9 in / 53 cm
HIP 24 in / 61 cm
ORAL DEPTH 4.2 in / 10.6 cm
VAGINA DEPTH 6.5 in / 16.6 cm
ANUS DEPTH 5 in / 12.6 cm


When choosing your AINI Cutie Doll, you should add your own personal touch. She can be suited to your particular tastes, from skin tone to the amount of pubic hair. She is yours, and you may control how she looks for you, and how she pleases you. You can either add a pre-selected doll to your cart or customize your doll below. Have fun!

Alternatively, if you want more flexibility, such as changing the head-body combination, you can try our Build a Cutie Smart Doll option.
Factory default Cutie Wig 1 Cutie Wig 2 Cutie Wig 3 Cutie Wig 4 Cutie Wig 5 Cutie Wig 6 Cutie Wig 8 Cutie Wig 9 Cutie Wig 10 Cutie Wig 11 Cutie Wig 12 Cutie Wig 13 Cutie Wig 14 Cutie Wig 15 Cutie Wig 16 Cutie Wig 17 Cutie Wig 18 Cutie Wig 19 Cutie Wig 20 Cutie Wig 21 Cutie Wig 22

Please choose your preferred skin color. We have a very wide selection of colors, and you may always contact us for more options.

Factory default Natural (R) White (NB) Pale (MB) Pink (F) Baby Pink (WF) Light Brown (QZ) Dark Brown (SZ) Dark/Tanned (CF)

Please choose your preferred eye color. She wants to be beautiful for you, and you can choose colors from bold blue to hottie hazel, or any other preferred color. All AINI Cutie Dolls have eyes that can be easily changed for additional looks.

Factory default Black Brown Blue Green

Please choose a lip color. Let her lips be a dazzling display for you in your favorite color.

Factory default Lip01 Lip02 Lip03 Lip04

Please choose a nail color. You can always have her nails done!

Natural Pink Rose Pink Red White

Please choose a toenail color. Ready for an enjoyable time?

Natural Pink Rose Pink Red White

Please choose a nipple color. Bring this realistic sex doll to life with a sexy nipple color. She really wants you to enjoy her.

Factory default Pink Skin Tone Light Brown Dark Brown

Please choose a vagina color. The color and the skin texture will give you months and months of pleasure.

Factory default Pink Skin Tone Light Brown Dark Brown

Please choose a public hair type. Some men don’t like it, while others enjoy that little sexy fluffiness. The choice is yours. The default is shaved, but you can pick the amount and style you want. She is totally yours to customize.

Shaved Trimmed +$35.00 Less +$25.00 Normal +$30.00 Heavy +$30.00

By default, the bottoms of her feet are soft. However, you have an option to make her feet strong so that she can stand in front of you.

Non-Standing Standing feet +$49.99

Please select if you would like a body heating system for your AINI Cutie Doll. This is an electrical heating system that plugs in to warm your doll up to normal body temperature for that extra warm feeling. Note: Heating requires supervision and should be turned off manually to avoid damage. Learn More

No, Thanks! Yes, please make me warm +$99.99

Do you want me to moan or talk? Yes, I could if you touch me in a sensual way. For the AINI dolls, we have options to equip full-body sensors or add functions to make her moan. Besides making a great conversation with you, she can get even more excited. Learn More

No thanks Yes, please make me moan +$49.99 Yes, please make me conversational +$79.99

We know even the doll is not real but you want to treat her as a real deal. Here we are introducing our new technology – AINI Ultra Skins. Can you believe you can even see the veins and blood vessels on her skins? Just choose the Ultra Skins add-on to make it happen. The skin is fully washable. Learn More

No, thanks Yes, please add Ultra Skins upgrade +$249.99

If you want to add more portability, you may disassemble the doll. By adding this feature, you can have her ready for travel in 5 minutes. Don’t worry about her legs not looking as good as a real doll’s, simply put thigh- high socks or stockings on her and you won’t even notice. Learn More

No, thanks Yes, please add removable legs +$199.99

By default, our doll has a built-in vagina. You have a choice to add a removable vagina insert or robotic vagina Learn More about robotic vagina

Factory default (fixed vagina) Insertable vagina +$49.99 Robotic vagina +$199.99

By default, the doll’s chest will be solid. This option is fine for the majority of our customers. The chest will be firm and perky yet still have a decent softness and bounce. If you want something extremely bouncy, soft and squishy, hollow is your best bet. Gel-filled breasts are softer than the standard breast option and more firm and perky than the hollow breast option.

Solid Hollow +$19.99 Gel filled +$69.99

By default, we use wigs for all of our dolls. We also have a way to make the hair permanent. The wig is more flexible so you can help her to change styles all the time but the permanent hair looks even prettier. If you choose perm hair, we will also use a silicon head which provides more fine details. Since silicon head is harder, the mouth opening may not be available if you choose this option. Learn More

No, the selected wig is fine. Yes, please upgrade to implanted hair +$479.99

By default, the eyelashes are glued on. We also have a way to make the eyelashes permanent. If you don’t plan to choose perm hair option, we don’t recommend this option. See perm eyelash demo

Factory default Perm eyelashes +$49.99

By default, we use wires to be the support of fingers which is an industry standard practice. You also have choice to choose articulated hands and fingers. We currently only can do it for 3’11/120cm or above models. See articulated hands demo

Factory default Articulated hands and fingers +$89.99

You have an option to use a different skeleton to make the shoulders shrugging.

No, thanks! Add shrugging shoulders +$49.99

If you have any physical challenges, we are happy to make the joint loose and the sensor more sensitive if applicable.

No, thanks! Yes, I need the accessibility enahancement +$29.99

By default, the doll doesn’t have a tongue in the mouth. You have an option to add an attachable one. This option is not available for silicone head with perm hair dolls.

No, thanks! Add a tongue +$19.99

If you want, we can do piercings for ears. If you want some piercings on other body parts, please add it in order notes.

No, thanks! Add piecings +$14.99

Do you want a beach girl? This option can make it happen. It works better on natural or tan skin color.

No, thanks! Add bikini tan lines. +$49.99

Want to play with a girl and a boy at the same time? This new transgender converter will turn your AINIDOLL into a transgender or add some twink taste. Learn More

No, thanks! Add a medium transgender converter (5.5 in/14cm) +$49.99 Add a large transgender converter (7.1 in/18cm) +$69.99

Want to see how she looks like when she is done? No problem. We have full confidence in our dolls and can send you real factory pictures once she ready to ship. Since a lot of our dolls are customized, you will have no surprise when you verify the finished product by picture. Learn More

No, thanks! Yes, please send me a pic after she is ready to ship +$19.99

We offer a bonus to send an sm gift pack with your doll for half price. For larger pics, please see them in the product pages.

No thanks 2pc intro bondage play set - black +$34.99 11pc bondage play set - black +$49.99 11pc bondage play set - red +$49.99 14pc bondage play set - black +$54.99 14pc bondage play set - red +$54.99 22pc bondage play set - black +$64.99 22pc pro bondage play set - red +$64.99

By default, we can finish the production in around 3-5 business days. However, if you are in rush, we can treat your order as the highest priority for a small extra cost. If you cannot get your order done within 3 business days by selecting express handling, you get your extra fee back.

Regular handling Express handling (Up to 3 days for production) +$59.99

By default, your doll will be securely packed in a regular cardboard box. However, you also have an option to ship her with a flight case or sofa case, which can be used as furniture and a hideout for your doll once she is home. (Due to the recent regulation change, the sofa case may need be shipped separately since it’s made of wood)

Complimentary Discreet Packing Sofa case - Black & White +$349.99 Sofa case - Grey +$349.99 Sofa case - Brown +$349.99 Sofa case - Black +$349.99 Sofa case - White & Black +$349.99

By default, your doll will be shipped by economy shipping for free. Choose ‘Air Shipping’ if you are in a big rush. It takes about one week for air shipping and about one month for economy shipping. Once you place your order, allow two weeks for air shipping, or one month for economy shipping. You will receive a tracking number once she is shipped. All packaging is discreet with no labels, markings, or logos. (We also have a large collection of dolls in our U.S. warehouse for quicker shipping times.) Learn More

Economy Shipping (US Only) Air Shipping (US Only) +$49.99 Air Shipping (Canada Only) +$69.99 VIP Shipping +$99.99
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My Story

3' 11" / 120cm Super Model

NET WEIGHT 33.1 lbs / 15 kg
BUST 22 in / 56 cm
WAIST 20.9 in / 53 cm
HIP 24 in / 61 cm
ORAL DEPTH 4.2 in / 10.6 cm
VAGINA DEPTH 6.5 in / 16.6 cm
ANUS DEPTH 5 in / 12.6 cm

Return Policy

  • We take product quality extremely seriously, and every doll is thoroughly inspected and tested before leaving our studio.
  • Upon initial receipt of the doll, if there appears to be a defect or damage, please contact us within 24 hours at [email protected]
  • We do not offer refunds for any other reason other than if the product is serious damaged on arrival.
  • For additional support issue, please feel free to contact our 24/7 technical support
  • All sales are final due to the nature of our products
  • If you change your mind or place the order by accident, please contact us within an hour. We would be happy to process a refund. 10% processing fee will be deducted from your total order amount (We have to do it since our payment processor will charge us even the transaction gets cancelled)

What's in Package

  • One Doll with the chosen option
  • One Doll head with the chosen option
  • One set of wig with the chosen option
  • Professional and discreet shipping case
  • One complimentary gift set:
    • One piece of sexy lingerie (random selection)
    • One piece of soft non-staining blanket
    • One heating tube
    • One cleaning kit
    • One comb
    • One pair of gloves
    • One extra set of nails (for selected model only)


For Dolls:
  • All dolls comes with a one-year service warranty and lifetime limited warranty
  • Within one year from the date of purchase, if your doll has any quality issues, we will repair the doll for free, exclusing the shipping cost. We will also cover all parts replacement costs.
  • After one year of purchase, we will still repair it for free, but you are responsible for the shipping cost and parts replacement cost, if any.
  • All AI dolls comes with lifetime free software upgrades.
  • The warranty will be void if it's an invalid claim.
For Accessories:
  • All accessories sales are final due to the nature of our products.

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  1. I got her she’s still in box waiting for Nat to dress her up then comes the unveiling. Nat understands how I feel about date and sex sites. All talk no action just another way to take money from a guy she is short that hair and green eyes though yes wished she was Ai but oh well see how she dose and go with a little taller next time though it would be nice if she was Ai I don’t have much room and a taller woman 4-2 wouldn’t be that bad to carry around I did see a couple I liked alittle but she was the one her hair and green eyes hopefully they can get an Ai head to match hers that would be great have a driving buddy on long drives hopefully in a few days I’ll see her for first time dressed up and let you know and if you can make an Ai head for her who knows I would sure get one for her expand our conversations a lot Don

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