Shipping Info

We understand every customer cares about their valuable dolls. Here we are trying our best to address your needs and concerns.

At, we provide multiple shipping options.

  • Flight Shipping: If you want to get the doll faster at slight extra cost, we offer air shipping worldwide, typically via FedEx,UPS or DHL for all doll products.
  • Economy Shipping: to give all doll lover affordable price, for selected doll and products, we also offer an economy shipping option. It takes about two weeks longer than air shipping but also offers a significant discount. Your doll will come by our cargo in order to reduce the overall cost for you.
  • VIP Shipping: worried about the customs fees or health issues due to the COVID-19 breakout? We’re here to bust myths and offered a VIP shipping service. If you want to pay a little bit more, your doll will be shipping to our facility in Boston, MA first. Our staff checked the quality, she will be shipped to you by air.

Unlike some other sellers who order from and do drop shipping, we always ship from our own manufacturer or our US warehouse directly.

  • Once your order is placed, please allow 2-5 days for assembly depending on the doll and up to one week for shipping time by air or about one month by cargo.
  • Custom clearance is guaranteed for United States and certain areas.
  • All our dolls are hand made and thoroughly tested by the top manufacturer in the industry.
  • When shipped, you will be provided with the tracking number. All packaging is discreet, there are no labels, markings, or logos.
  • We also have a large collection of dolls available in our warehouse in the US. If you want less customization but the fastest shipping, please contact us for more details
The destinations we have shipped our dolls

We cannot guarantee to ship our sex doll products to all places in the world. Below is the list we have shipped before without any problem. If your country/destination is not in the list, you can always contact us to conform.

North America:

USA (International or domestic depends on the stock availability. The sales taxes and customs fees are included)

Canada (International or domestic depends on the stock availability. The sales taxes are included. Consumer may or may not need to pay customs fees)

Mexico (same as Canada)


Currently, we only ship full size doll to the European countries.The compact sized dolls involve some risks at the custom so we don’t really recommend. The sales taxes are included for the air shipping but the customs fees may vary depends on the destinations. Usually, it’s less than 50 Euros and can be paid online. Surcharge may apply for some remote areas.

The countries we have shipped include United Kingdom, German, France, Spain, Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Monaco, Sweden, Finland, Italy, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Hungary, Greece,Ireland, Portugal and Russia.

Note: due to the EU regulations, we ONLY ship dolls of 138cm and above unless the doll is explicitly marked as send to Europe.


Japan and Malaysia

COVID-19 Updates

Since the pandemic began, the shipping speed and cost changed a lot. It really gives us a big challenge to keep growing our business. However, we are trying our best to minimize the impact on our consumers.Below are some examples of our shipment since the pandemic began. We posted here just for your reference. We mainly use UPS as our primary shipping for both international and US domestic shipping. We will send your the tracking number once your doll is ready to ship.

If you have any question, you can email us at [email protected].

International shipping to the US

US Domestic Shipping

Europe International Shipping

Japan International Shipping