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Unlike other sellers who just sell traditional sex dolls, we have two major product lines for dolls. One is the AINI Classic dolls which are similar to the traditional sex dolls but with additional features. The other is the AINI AI dolls which have not only a pretty body and face but also a beautiful mind. Besides, both of them could be fully customized. If you are looking for something light weighted and easy to handle, you can also try our AINI Cutie dolls. Here is your chance to choose not only a good look at her beautiful body but also her face. In addition, do you want her to feel unique to you? No problem. We understand that everyone is different, and your personalized touch may make all the difference! From skin tone to toenail color to eye and hair color: we offer a wide selection of free customization options. We have the following product lines for you to DIY. Don’t forget. Our dolls all equipped with unique features. Learn More

AINI AI Smart Doll

A true artificial intelligent sex doll with a mind
$ 3299
  • Cloud based artificial intelligence with robotic facial moves
  • Advanced M-TPE material and built-in simulation steel skeleton
  • Built-in body heating and touch sensors

AINI Classic Smart Doll

The most lifelike sex doll on the market
$ 999
  • Vaginal, Anal, and Oral sex is possible
  • Advanced M-TPE material and built-in simulation steel skeleton
  • Built-in body heating and full-body touch sensors (optional)

AINI Cutie Smart Doll

Cute, affordable and light-weight
$ 399
  • Vaginal, Anal, and Oral sex is possible
  • Has all the main features of a full-sized doll but scaled down
  • Cute, affordable and light-weight as a great travel companion

If you are not sure about the full customization, you can also browse our pre-configured dolls for fewer customization options. Learn More

Alternatively, if you want more options, you can take a look at our doll full customization services.

Still not sure which one to choose? No problem. Please refer to the table below to learn the differences. Let us know if there is anything we can help! Enjoy your adoption. The Cutie doll is scaled down from the classic series. Most features are the same between the Cutie and the Classic.

  Fully AI-Enabled robotic head

  Cloud-based AI

  Built-in simulation steel skeleton

  Advanced M-TPE material

  Interactive chat


  Full-body heating *

  Full-body touch sensors*

  Custom head

  Custom body type

  Costomized appearance

  Vaginal sex

  Oral sex**

  Anal sex

  Free shipping

  Free flight case

Starting at


Starting at


* Body heating, body sensor and moaning functions are complimentary with our AI dolls. For non-AI, it’s optional at slightly higher price

** For AI doll, oral sex is not available since the AI dolls supports facial movement and moving lips synced with speech